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The Key - Second Season

It had been almost an hour since the huge metal gates had closed. They hadn't thought to ask Orac for details of the tides, because none of them had considered that Blake and Vila were going to end up trapped in tunnels where they would drown when the tide rose. It was the kind of contingency planning that never really arose in discussions on the Liberator.

"We're going to die, aren't we?" said Vila, "Do you think it hurts, drowning?"

Blake was looking at the ceiling, trying to work out how likely it was that air-pockets would be left and how able they would be to reach them.

"Blake?" said Vila.


"Drowning. Do you think it hurts?"

"We're not going to drown, Vila."

"If I could get at the gate control ..."

"There's eight inches of solid rock between you and it and they took all your tools." said Blake, "Don't worry. They'll come and get us. By now, Avon will know we've been captured. Kenyon escaped. He'll be able to tell them where we are."

Vila paced the length of their section of tunnel. "Avon might not think we're worth the risk."

"He'll come."

"You don't know that! What if he doesn't?" Blake knew Vila hated to feel trapped. He could hear the rising panic.

He deliberately kept his own voice calm. "He'll come. He'll have to."

"Blake, I like Avon as much as you do, but he's not big on loyalty and selfless devotion. He wants the Liberator too, don't forget that. He might not bother to wake Jenna and Cally to find out what they think."

"He'll come," said Blake, "Because I have Orac's key."

Vila visibly relaxed. "Why didn't you say so? Of course, he'll come for that!"

The next hour passed more cheerfully, at least for Vila. Blake continued to wonder how soon and how fast the tide would come and how he could ensure their survival for as long as possible.

"Avon had better hurry up!" said Vila.

"He won't be much longer." said Blake, hoping it was true. There was a sound of water somewhere and it was beginning to worry him.

Soon, he heard another sound, movement of a pair of booted feet. After about a minute, the gate on that end opened and Avon walked in. "You do choose the oddest places to play in." he said.

"You took longer than I expected to get here."

"Kenyon didn't know which tunnels they'd taken you to and Orac took a while to get the information." said Avon.

"Thanks for coming." said Blake.

"Vila has his uses." said Avon.

"You used Orac?" asked Vila.

"Did you think I had developed clairvoyance?"

"So you have Orac's key?"

"Orac's key is with Orac. Where else would it be?" said Avon.

Vila turned to Blake, looking rather hurt. "You lied to me."

"Would you have believed me if I said he'd come back out of loyalty?"

"No." said Vila.

"But I was right. He came."

"Loyalty has nothing to do with it." said Avon, handing them bracelets. "Now, let's get to the surface and go home."

"Where the heart is?" asked Blake.

Avon tilted his head as if hearing an unfamiliar language, then he looked at Blake and said, "What heart?"

Avon headed out of the tunnel and they followed. Blake saw Vila's smile and knew that neither of them had been fooled.

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